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about Pantry and Larder

Pantry and Larder are a leading family Sydney Based wholesale manufacturer and supplier of Gourmet cookies, Mini cakes, Slices, Health Products,Pre Packed Mixes GLUTEN FREE cookies and a range of other Unique Products To the Australasian Service Industry.

Pantry and larder Manufacture and service Nationwide to Hotels, Cafes, Airlines, Independent supermarkets, Retail chains, Food distributors and all other food outlets.

For the Lance and Beverley Hurvitz, Pantry and Larder has been in the making for many years. The company was established from humble beginnings in Sydney in 2001 from their kitchen at home with the intent of showing their love and passion for food and with everything they do they always remain innovative and creative with their products and packaging.

Everyday Pantry and Larder accomplish what they intended to go out and do with the love and support of their amazing and loyal customers.

Nothing is too Big and nothing is too small!

The Pantry and Larder’s team is made up of a wonderful mix of people all with the love of good food and a loyalty to the name Pantry and Larder.

The Pantry and Larder philosophy is to maintain the home made quality whilst creating a unique collection of cookies and other delicious products.

All our products are handmade, baked fresh and blended using the best freshest ingredients available. Our products are all preservative and additive free.

Eating a Pantry and Larder product, delights the senses, creating a taste sensation with every mouthful.

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