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cake slice treats

All gourmet slices are sold in portion controlled packs of 15 units.
All Pantry and Larder products are preservative and additive free.

Vanilla Brownie | Gourmet food supplier

vanilla brownie

Combination of a white chocolate & vanilla milk. Bite in and taste the chocolate and hit the moist vanilla centre.

brownies | Gourmet desserts Sydney


Thick and chewy with decadent chucks of chocolate nuggets, very naughty, very yummy!

caramel heaven slice | Gourmet food Sydney

caramel heaven slice

A sllice of heaven. Layer of crisp pastry, topped with thick & chewy caramel, finished off with smooth dark Belguim chocolate.

cherry slice | Gourmet food supplier

cherry slice

Layer of crisp pastry, topped with a thick layer of cherry filling, finished with smooth dark Belguim chocolate.

lime tarts | Gourmet desserts Sydney

lime tarts

Soft shortbread filled with refreshing lemon lime curd covered with a lime glaze.

stuffed monkey slices | Gourmet food Sydney

stuffed monkey slices

Soft, decadent sweet dough wrapped around a layer of apricot jam and mounds of dried mixed fruit, deliciously satisfying.

Chocolate Florentine Bar | Gourmet food supplier

Chocolate Florentine Bar

All The best worlds of the traditional Florentine but this has a softer and more moist Texture which is all packed in a Bar slice.

Dulce De Leche Delight Group | Gourmet desserts Sydney

Dulce De Leche Delight

Thick and chewy with decadent chucks of chocolate nuggets, very naughty, very yummy!

Ginger Macadamia Chocolate Bar | Gourmet food Sydney

Ginger Macadamia Chocolate Bar

A sllice of Greatness, This is Moist, Rich and decadent. Packed with Macadamia nuts and a perfect hint of Ginger this should defiantly curb the craving.

Jammin Rasberry Coconut | Gourmet food supplier

Jammin Rasberry Coconut

Coconut, Raspberries and a slice of heaven this should bring you back to the old days..

Maltese Moment Group | Gourmet desserts Sydney

Maltese Moment

Heart melting heaven, This is Packed with Honeycomb,m chocolate and a delicious biscuit base..

Very Vanilla Slice Group | Gourmet food Sydney

Very Vanilla Slice Group

Soft, decadent sweet Pastry wrapped around a layer of a vanilla custard, deliciously satisfying.