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about Pantry and Larder

All gluten free products are sold in packs of 12 units.
All Pantry and Larder products are preservative and additive free.

Chocolate Florentine - Gluten Free | Gluten Free Cookie Suppliers

chocolate florentine - gluten free

Treat yourself to something special: a crunch, a soft chew, filled with nuts, cherries & raisins toppped with chocolate.

Nuts 4 You Cookie - Gluten Free | Gluten Free Cookie Sydney

Rocky Road - gluten free

Mouth watering experience. This Rocky road is packed with a punch. Marshmallows, Cherries, Nuts and all.

Health Florentine - Gluten Free | Gluten Free Cookie Suppliers

health florentine - gluten free

Breakfast on the go!
Full of goodness and gluten free

Pistachio Gluten Free Cookie | Gluten Free Cookie Suppliers

pistachio cookie - gluten free

Indulge your desire for pistachios with this on the outside, decicate on the inside cookie

Double Choc Chip - Gluten Free | Gluten Free Cookie Sydney

Coconut & Chocolate - gluten free

Everyone's favourite, Coconut and choc chips all combined in a soft rich cookie.