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about Pantry and Larder

Think BIG , Be CREATIVE don’t just be ordinary. Pantry and Larder will Help do this all for you.

If you’re looking for CO PACKING, and to outsource your MANUFACTURING you have come to the right place.

We will work with you to create product lines and offer you a final product which will always represent your Brand or Company with a finished product to be proud of.

No job is too big or small as long as you take pride in what you’re doing.

We have a facility which can produce ANY product for food service, Retail, Catering, Hampers, food chains and out of the ordinary requests.

We currently manufacture for brands which you probably eat everyday without realising.

We have a fully accredited health food facility which is centrally located in Sydney.

We can also assist with all forms of packaging!

If your company needs high quality, Out of the ordinary Food product manufacturing services please call our office.

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